Calling stylish gentlemen everywhere

calling all stylish gentlemen with an umbrella from the umbrella shop

Men always look so much more suave and debonair when armed with an umbrella when they’re out and about. Whether it’s on the daily commute, strolling around the countryside or taking in a round of golf, there’s something very sophisticated about seeing a man who has taken the time to accessorise his outfit with an umbrella. Obviously it’s also about staying dry when it’s raining but the man who is there to offer shelter to a stranger at the bus stop is one who will always draw admiring glances.

The absolute gentleman

Formal occasions command Saville Row suits and Italian leather shoes which are just part of the outfit of the man who likes to be seen to be looking his best.

Great style doesn’t have to come with a large price tag though and for an umbrella to accompany the man about town, the perfect choice is the Governor umbrella. In classic black, this walking length brolly looks as if it’s come from the bespoke designers of Italy but in reality has a leatherette handle and gilt ferrule to give it the look of being part of the upper classes at a down to earth cost.

G801 Governor (new handle)

Fulton Governor umbrella from The Umbrella Shop

Dedicated follower of fashion

They seek him here, they seek him there as the Kinks sang in 1966 about men who strive to follow trends in the way they look and dress.

For the dedicated fashionista, a designer umbrella really makes the statement that this is someone who knows his labels. For this man, the name to be displaying has to be none other than style setter Jean Paul Gaultier.

The clothing and accessories of Gaultier have been gracing the catwalks since 1976 and he’s now firmly part of the fashion elite. He has also launched a range of umbrellas and one you can buy which is clearly from his house of fashion is the Marius umbrella which has navy and cream stripes. A look which made him famous, this umbrella has an ergonomic handle and even sports the Jean Paul Gaultier logo on the handle. It’s really one to turn heads and one to own by those who want to be admired.

Sunday ramble in the woodlands

For the country gentleman or the casual walker, an umbrella is absolutely essential for wet weather days. It’s important to look the part so along with the walking boots and padded gilet, an umbrella is an essential item to use when unexpected rains begin and to also complement the outfit.

One umbrella which will suit every walker whether weekender or professional is the dark olive green walking umbrella. With sturdy manual opening for the country gent, this umbrella has a classic feel with the addition of a dark wooden handle. With a canopy which resembles an aged traditional tweed, this is a great housewarming gift for anyone setting up home away from the hurly burly of the city to help them find their way around their new setting.

Next time you need to buy a gift for the man who has everything, choose an umbrella. There are ones to suit every lifestyle and hobby and whether it’s for work or play you can find a great number of different designs which he can take out with him wherever he goes.

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The Umbrella Shop goes global!

The Umbrella Shop goes global!

Walk along the streets of a wet day in just about any country and you could be passing someone who bought their umbrella from Glasgow-based The Umbrella Shop.

the umbrella shop goes global with worldwide shipping

Our company now has customers from across the globe with brollies going as far afield as New Zealand, Dubai, Japan, Israel, the USA and even Russia! The word has spread that we have a great range of fantastic brollies to keep or give as gifts and whilst many could buy locally they prefer to use a company in the UK which has a fantastic reputation as well as blossoming supplier relationships with some of the top accessory designers.

We like to think our items should be accessible to all and so to give everyone the chance to own perhaps a Cath Kidston or a Jean Paul Gaultier umbrella, we offer worldwide shipping. It doesn’t matter where you or the recipient lives, we can deliver there – at speed. If the item is a gift we can also ensure the invoice containing the price doesn’t go with the package, we will wrap your present and even send a card with your personalised message; just let us know and we’ll do the rest.

shipping worldwide fast delivery of umbrellas

Hand wrapped with love and sent on a journey from Scotland, here are just some of the countries we’ve delivered to as well as some appropriate umbrellas if you are inspired to give a gift from across the miles.


It’s a quick hop over to Holland with an umbrella and shipping is around 7 days for this EU nation. We think that anyone with friends or relations in this part of the world who need to send a birthday present should consider choosing the Harold Feinstein Swaying Tulips design.

The national flower of the nation, the tulip symbolises everything that is Dutch and this designer umbrella looks striking with white tulips on a black background. Part of the signature collection, it’s wind resistant constructed with strong fibreglass ribs.


Shipping to America is around 10 days and is a popular destination for our umbrellas.

The perfect choice to send is one by Julie Dodsworth. Julie is a rising star in the design world and her New England pattern is simply gorgeous. Awash with red, blue and white flowers this folding umbrella symbolises the colours of the time of year the State is famous for. It will be very much welcomed by the lucky recipient to use at any time of the year – whether it’s in the Fall or not!


Umbrellas to the Emerald Isle are very much welcomed by those who need to shelter from the rain. Those living on the east of Ireland have rain for 150 days each year and those on the west are far more likely to get wet with water falling for an average of 225 days in every 365.

If you live in southern Ireland and want an umbrella to celebrate your heritage as well as keep your hair dry, choose one by Orla Kiely. Dublin born, Orla has a range of cute and quirky umbrellas where one feature which makes them stand out as being that little bit special is the compact gift-boxed range where her signature fabrics adorn the canopies. One which looks particularly spectacular when fully opened is the Multi Coloured Stem Print folding umbrella. It is only 15.5cm when folded and is supplied in a high quality gift box decorated with the same chic design. Whilst small when closed, it has an impressive-sized canopy when open – definitely the job for the rains of Cork, Wicklow or Galway.

fast worldwide delivery of umbrellas from the umbrella shop

Everyone at The Umbrella Shop finds it incredibly exciting whenever we ship to a different country for the first time so if you’re living outside the UK and want to add your nation to our ever-growing list or have someone you want to send an umbrella to, order today and wherever it is on the planet, we can send it there.

For more information, please have a look at our website

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International Day of Families

Celebrate the gift of the family with an umbrella

International Day of Families from the umbrella shopWe all recognise the importance of family and to emphasise this, United Nations has declared 15 May ‘International Day for Families’.

On this day, celebrate those you hold dear to you by spending time together. Whether it’s a meal at the table rather than in front of the TV, a night at the cinema together or some time at your favourite attraction or location, being as one is precious when time passes by so fast each day.

If you decide to go out and about on 15 May, ensure you all have umbrellas to hand. Nothing should ever dampen the love of the family but a heavy shower will definitely dampen you all if you don’t have a brolly to hand. Whilst the day itself is a Friday in 2015 which may mean work and almost definitely school, don’t delay until next year and instead have a great weekend of fun things you share together.

Day in the park with the dog

Walking the dog is often the task of one member of the family but on International Day for Families, everyone should pack a picnic, squash onto the back seat of the car with the dog and head off to the park together to spend the afternoon playing frisbee and fetch with man’s best friend.

Dogs are very much part of every family so it’s pretty obvious they should be able to take part in the celebrations so show your love for your pooch by choosing umbrellas with fun canine designs.

Von Lilienfeld has the perfect range of dog-inspired umbrellas which will raise a smile with all passers-by as you wander round the cricket pitch and stop by the boating lake. Choose from Retriever, Jack Russell, Pug, French Bulldog or even Wired Haired Daschund to adorn your brolly with almost life size images on the canopy.french_bull_dog_umbrella_theumbrellashop

Funky family shopping day

For families who like to splash out, a day shopping is the perfect plan. Grab a few bargains, pick up a handful of designer label treats, it’s a great bonding time when everyone can head home with carrier bags full of goodies.

The family who shops together needs to be able to spot each other in the throng of the high street and on a rainy day this can be difficult under a sea of brollies. The solution is to stand out in a crowd with each person owning a different coloured quirky square umbrella from Splash Love.


Square shaped umbrellas really are rather trendy and are available in a whole host of funky colours from mellow yellow to shocking pink. There’s a shade for everyone and even the youngest members of the family won’t have problems using with easy opening system.

Day by the sea

Life wouldn’t be complete without family memories of days at the seaside so on the weekend of celebrating the family, pick up your buckets and spades and head for the nearest beach. Everyone will be hoping for a sunny day so to keep the children protected – as well as yourself – pack some UV protective umbrellas for everyone to ensure they stay in the shade.

Splash Love offer a great range of UV umbrellas and the ones which are particularly relevant to families showing how they feel about each other are their heart shaped styles. They look great and offer 95% UV protection so you can buy them knowing they will keep you safe from the sun, shield you from sudden showers and also protect from sea breezes as they are very strong.

Every day should be about telling your family you love them but on 15 May, take time especially out of your schedules to do something together. In years to come you can look back on the day with a smile knowing you had a great experience – whatever the weather.

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The sun has got his hat on – hip, hip, hip, hurrah!

sun awareness week 1

The Umbrella Shop is 100% behind the sun awareness message to ‘Slip, Slap, Slop’ when it comes to looking after your skin when you’re out enjoying the beautiful weather and during Sun Awareness Week from 4-10 May everyone should listen to the advice of those in the know. We have another phrase though which we all feel could become just as popular and that’s ‘Push, Flap, Click’. The reason behind our thinking? Our phrase is the sound of an umbrella being raised to protect from the rays of the sun;

  • Push; the ribs and canopy are raised
  • Flap; the canopy pushes open like the wings of a bird
  • Click; the mechanism safely secures the canopy

Most people in the UK never think about using an umbrella to shade them from the sun as they are normally thought of only as an accessory to use in the rain. In warmer climates however, brollies are a common sight when it’s hot to stop the harmful UV causing damage.

sun awareness week

We now stock a fantastic range of umbrellas with great UV protection levels for days on the beach, weddings or simply relaxing in the park during a lunch break. We even have a new product which is set to change the world of umbrellas forever!

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside

Buckets and spades and lots of sandwiches packed and it’s off to the beach for the day.

Set up your deck chair and settle down with a good book and even have 40 winks to really feel refreshed and relaxed. Don’t forget to pop an umbrella over your head though as you chill out as you don’t want to go home feeling red and sore.

Be one of the first to try out the newest addition to The Umbrella Shop range with this amazing design which will protect you from the sun as well as cool you down at the same time.

Summer umbrella with a fan built in

UV Umbrella with built in fan to keep you cool from The Umbrella Shop

Summer umbrella with a fan built in from the umbrella shop

UV Umbrella medium sized with built in fan to keep you cool from The Umbrella Shop

This double skinned canopy umbrella marvel is set to revolutionise our ideas about umbrellas as it uses cutting edge technology to perform a centuries old task. The outer skin is silver in colour and offers UV protection to create a reflective force. The second inner skin has – and here’s the even more exciting part – a built in cooling fan! This innovation means that as you sit in the sun you will feel the cooling breeze of the fan and you’ll also know that you won’t be suffering from panda eyes when it’s time to head home.

New balls please!

wimbledon 2015

If you’re fortunate enough to have tickets for Wimbledon this year then an umbrella will be needed for all eventualities. The two weeks are notorious for rain so a brolly will shield you until the covers come off but it can also be very hot towards the end of June and a day in the sun will leave you burnt.

It’s all about tradition at the world famous tennis tournament with many players still adhering to the wearing white only rule. To carry on the history of the event and stay dry or cool, the Von Lilienfeld Pagoda in white will turn heads for all the right reasons. You’ll look sophisticated, classy and fashionable as you wander around the courts with your strawberries and cream and you wouldn’t look out of place sitting near the Royal box on Centre Court. It has 95% UV protection which means you’ll feel as fresh at the end of the day as at the start.

Pagoda Cecile Ecru Bridal White 5051

White Chinese Umbrella – White Pagoda from The Umbrella Shop

Protecting our skin as well as the skin of our family is so important. Skin cancers are on the rise and the only way to reverse this is to heed warnings and to think ahead to cover up as much as possible. We may not get a huge amount of summer in the UK but it’s still important to be on our guard and with a UV protective umbrella we can really enjoy the sunshine days to come.

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In the words of one of the greatest pop groups of all time … Take A Chance!

When ABBA sang the immortal line to their worldwide hit, they were urging people to take the opportunity when love comes their way. There’s lots of other ways to take a chance in life; applying for a dream job you don’t think you’ll get, moving to a different part of the world even though it means leaving behind all that’s familiar or even walking into the hairdresser and deciding to take a chance on a completely new look with a fashionable hair cut and a bold, new colour.

For anyone who has ever taken a chance – large or small in life, or is looking for the motivation or support to take that difficult leap into the unknown – fear not. There’s now a whole world of enthusiastic hand holding (either in reality or within the virtual world) through the international ‘Take a Chance Day’ on 23 April where everyone is urged to do something they dream of but have been too worried about the consequences.

If you want to take a chance with an aspect of your life, you need to be prepared. Many leaps of faith mean doing something in the outside world and you don’t want your newly-inspired vigour dampened by an April shower. Whatever you are going to take a chance on, it’s a must that you have an umbrella with you.

Declaring your love for another

Some enchanted evening, You may see a stranger…so went the lyrics to the song in South Pacific and if you have spotted someone you have fallen for but don’t yet have the courage to make the next move, then 23 April is the day for you.

Be confident, friendly and positive. Tell them that you think you already get on great and you’d like to go for a drink together. They are bound to say yes so make a date and be ready to look your elegant best.

Arriving at the bar soaked to the skin if you’re caught in an unexpected April shower though and their ardour will wane. You need to make an entrance which turns heads –for the right reasons so to pull off the classy yet relaxed look, equip yourself with an umbrella which oozes subtle sophistication. Ladies who have asked someone out can really provide a talking point by buying the Galleria Poppy Colour Changing umbrella with magical qualities. The poppies are white when it’s dry, then as the rain starts they turn to pink and as the rain gets heavier, they turn red. Even if it doesn’t rain before your date, it’s a fantastic item to use as an icebreaker. For men, the walking umbrella is all the rage at the moment, so choose the Fulton Knightsbridge umbrella in black for the ultimate in class. It’s luxurious, strong and stylish and will be a true reflection of you as you enter the bar to meet your date. It’s also a way to get closer to the person of your dreams if you step out of the bar, it’s raining and they need to shelter under your umbrella.

Attending an interview you aren’t sure you’re qualified for

Looking the part is one of the most important elements of going to an interview. If you’ve applied and you’ve had the surprise of being asked to meet the recruiting panel, you may be feeling a bit nervous. Don’t worry though – take a chance on this being a life changing event and remember that you’re as good as the other candidates.

Arrive looking professional and ready to do business in your best suit and take an umbrella with you – an important accessory in the corporate world. A great choice would be the Fulton Windbreaker folding brolly in classic black. It’s really strong and will resist the high winds you could find yourself battling through.

Believe in yourself and do your research and it won’t be long before you get a call to say you are being offered the job – congratulations on taking a chance!

A trip to the estate agent to start a new life

We all dream of a change of location from time to time whether it’s on our current town or city or the desire to stretch our wings further afield.

If you’ve decided to take a chance on a fantastic new life and find yourself marching into the nearest estate agent, you need an umbrella which signifies your desire to move in case it’s raining on your journey to ask for property details.

The Fulton Brollie map umbrella is really fun and shows different parts of London in each panel as an illustrated map. It’s fantastic if London is your chosen destination to move to as it’s a great way to get around as a visitor, but if the UK capital isn’t where you’re looking to head, it’s still a symbol of your desire to travel and walk new paths.

Whatever you want to do, see 23 April as the day to do it. Think to yourself – what’s the worst that can happen, realise it’s probably something not very much and then take a deep breath, arm yourself with a brolly and Take A Chance!

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Show the world it’s a better place when you love a furry!

Show the world it’s a better place when you love a furry!

International Pets Day 18th AprilWhether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig or hamster, owning a pet creates natural bonds which give many years of happiness and lifelong memories of time together. Every pet owner likes to watch videos on social media showing dogs doing silly things or cats revealing they aren’t quite as clever as they’d like to think they are from time to time and to laugh at the antics of our animals which really are part of the family.

There’s now an international celebration of being a pet owner and it’s the perfect opportunity (or excuse!) to give your pampered pooch or cute kitty extra treats. Pet Owners Independence Day is on 17 April and is all about showing your love for them and your pride in being a pet owner.

If you really want to show the world how much you love animals, The Umbrella Shop now stocks a range of pet-inspired brollies. You can take them out with you when you walk the dog or simply use to show your fondness of man’s best friend and their feline ‘foes’.

Top Cat

For a stylish and suave look which will accessorise any office outfit or formal evening dress, top designer Von Lilienfeld always comes up trumps with umbrellas which look elegant but have a slight quirk of design. For those who love their cats and want to show the world, the perfect choice is the Black Cats with Paw Prints design. It has a real air of Art Deco class complete with J-shaped handle and will look fantastic with a black cocktail address. The Von Lilienfeld double canopy cat  umbrella design with paws is just as fun with the added surprise to those who see it opened. It’s covered in a luxury black outer canopy, but when the automatic open button is pressed, an inner canopy is revealed showing the cat design. Definitely cool for cats.


Puppy Love

Admit it – at some point you’ve gone all dewy eyed over the puppy playing with the toilet roll. We all have here at The Umbrella Shop and we’re not alone as there are 9 million dog owners in the UK. That’s a lot of brollies we’d need to ship out if everyone wanted to buy one to celebrate owning a pet on 17 April, but we’d be ready.

What’s really great about the range we stock is that we can offer a number of dog designs on umbrellas. Von Lilienfeld yet again produces a stylish range for pooch owners with some really fun umbrella designs featuring either Pugs, Retrievers, Jack Russell breeds or even French Bulldogs and Wired Hair Daschunds getting their moment of fame.


If you can’t decide if you love cats or dogs more, then Emma Bridgewater has the solution. She’s designed a really fun umbrella with ‘raining cats and dogs’ printed on it and it’s great for popping into a handbag as it’s only 23cm long when folded.


Celebrate your companions who are there when you need to talk, provide a hug at the end of the day and don’t mind if you don’t always look your best. Your pets love you – unconditionally, so show your love for them on Pet Owners Independence Day with an umbrella designed especially to applaud how much they mean in your life.

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National Fever – Grand National 2015

As we approach the 2015 Aintree Grand National, the traditional office sweepstake started.

Grand National 2015
One of our colleagues said they planned on going this year and asked what should they wear (you know woman have to plan for these things and what a major malarkey that can be)

After a little research, it seems that the punters like to get all dressed up for the day.  Suits for the gents and short (very short) dresses for the ladies.

Currently, the weather forecast is both sunshine and showers (but cold) but with the great UK weather at present we all know it can change quickly.

So, umbrella or no umbrella this year?  If so, which would be the best one to take?

Will we have a National like the Ballabriggs race of 2011 where Jason Maguire rode his gutsy mount to victory on what was a scorching early spring day?  Or will we see scenes reminiscent of a mud splattered Richard Guest nursing Red Marauder home in the 2001 National where only 4 runners completed (with two remounting!!).  Or will be have a near miss with Rocky Creek from 2014? We certainly don’t want scenes like the 1997 National when a bomb scare caused the mass evacuation of the racecourse.

It would be a crying shame for people to turn up in all their finery, only for the heavens to open and ruin their clothes, make up, hair and fake tan!!

After a little debate in the office during an impromptu coffee break, we came up with some thoughts.

One of the ultimate umbrellas for horse lovers is this galloping horses umbrella.


Galloping Horses umbrella from The Umbrella Shop

You’ll want a compact, lightweight but strong umbrella – after all Aintree is a wide expanse of a course.

After a quick poll we came up with the following suggestions:

For men it has to be the Fulton Open and Close brolly with crook handle in black. It open and closes at the touch of a button and as it is a robust umbrella it can be slipped into a suit pocket at just 30cm long if not needed, leaving your hands free for the racecard and pint!!

G820 O&C-11 (Case and Handle)

Fulton Open and Close 11 umbrella with crook handle in black from The Umbrella Shop

For women it’s a little more difficult of course – it has to “go” with the outfit.

In the end we agreed on any of the Fulton Clear Birdcage range.  It will go with any outfit while keeping you and the new hairstyle, dry from the elements.  It has the added advantage that you won’t miss a moments racing as it’s clear – perfect for a spectator sport.

L041 Birdcage_

Fulton Birdcage umbrella from The Umbrella Shop

Or if you want to make a statement, come rain or shine, have a look at these luxury designer umbrellas from Brit David David.

David Davids signature Arrow print umbrella U8 from the umbrella David David designer umbrella U3 David David Hex Print Umbrella from The Umbrella Shop David David London Carousel Designer Umbrella from The Umbrella Shop U1

So, whatever the weather, you can enjoy the day to the full and shout your selection on.
Oh, and for anyone that’s interested, I drew Spring Heeled from the sweep – seems to like a dry ride, and abit like me buying a drink at the bar, I could be on my own upfront, and it should give the punters a good run for its money.

Unfortunately at time of writing our usual favourite Katie Walsh to yet to find a ride.  Come on Katie, do it for the girls and be the first female to ride the winner of the National.  Of course, the chance for me to gloat in the office for the next 11 months has nothing to do with it 😉

Just for fun, who can spot the name of the other horse I pulled from the sweepstake? Court by surprise…………. we just hope that everyone has their umbrella and is not ‘caught by surprise’ when the rain falls on the Sunday.

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